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At the Grocery Shop


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Snack Shop


EDLINCO has decades of experience getting products to customers through wholesale distribution and retail across the U.S. Southeast.

Grocery stores and C-Stores, large and small, depend on wholesale distributors to offer and deliver goods at the lowest cost possible to ensure increased sales and profits. Members of our team bring close to 100 years of experience in food sales and promotion with a long history of client success. We offer more than services to our clients, we offer access to a well-established network built upon personally managed relationships and a continuous commitment to profitability. When it comes to getting your products on the shelf and in front of customers, we personally know the buyers, merchandise managers, and "decision makers" necessary to sell your product.

The EDLINCO Team works with wholesalers across the southeastern United States. We have expert knowledge of how to move and sell your product through the most profitable channels, whether it be grocery, wholesale, c-store, or food service. Getting your product in front of customers efficiently and economically is what we do. 

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