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What truly sets EDLINCO apart from other brokers is our personal management approach. From day one, you will know exactly who is handling the elevation of your product. We personally oversee and execute the work to be done—we personally oversee and execute the work to be done—we make the calls, we hit the road, and we work together to grow your business.

The EDLINCO approach is built on four key activities:


When you come to us with your product, we will create a comprehensive plan for getting it into distribution, on the shelves, and into the customer's hands. We will formulate a plan that makes your goals achievable and adaptable to evolving markets.


Whether your product falls within c-store, grocery, frozen, deli, or meat, the EDLINCO Team has extensive category expertise to guide fruitful conversations with potential buyers and managers. As ambassadors for your product, we are personally invested in your product's success—we'll get on the phone, schedule the meeting, and get the ball rolling.


Execution is about doing and delivering. We will carry out the tasks move your goals toward realization—promotional strategy and evaluation, category assessment, item presentation, performance reviews—we'll make it happen.


Fruits of the labor is what we're after. You've invested in creating a product, it's our job to help you get something back. The EDLINCO Team has proven success over decades. Profits are the goal and we are committed to the win.

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